Outlaw Soccer 5v5 Tournament


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Tournament Rules

5v5 Tournament Rules

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How long are tournaments?

The average tournament runs 3-4 hours per division.  We have found that most teams don’t enjoy rest times in tournaments extended past the sufficient amount needed to recover and feel energized for their next game. Our staff works very hard to efficiently structure tournaments in a way that provides the most enjoyable and developmentally sound experience.

What time will my team play in their tournament?

Official tournament schedules will be emailed to you one week before the tournament. As a guideline, we are typically open for tournament play on the weekends from 8:00 am or 9:00 am into the evening. The youngest age groups usually start in the early part of the day, and start times for tournaments advance progressively with age. There may be exceptions at times to this structure.

I want to register two teams in the same tournament and age bracket?

In order to register two separate teams (even if the teams are your outdoor team split into two) in the same tournament, you need to register them directly threw us.

What is the appropriate type of shoes for players to wear during games?

Players must wear soccer turf shoes or sneakers. Cleats are not allowed.


Can we purchase food and drinks at Rancho Santa Fe Complex?

Yes, we have a fully staffed concession stand where we serve food, beverages, and snacks with healthy choices.

Is there WiFi at the Complex?

Yes, we provide free WiFi for everybody at our arena.

Registration Deadline is August 1 2021.

Rancho Santa Fe Offers Youth soccer with


We also have Adult Volleyball leagues and Soccer leagues.

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